"Qi An is quite a laidback student yet you are able to inspire and help him achieve great results. He always said you are the best and helped him a lot. You are the best teacher who is able to inspire students and able to push Qi An results to 256. Thank you! "  


Mother of Qi An, PSLE aggregate of 256 in 2017

“ Lay Leng (Ms Teo) is a great tutor who cares to analyse the student’s weaknesses and take action to address it. She is very prompt to update parents on the student’s progress and engage in discussions on improvement plan that involved parents too. She is very well-versed on MOE’s latest syllabus that help prepare students for the challenges. A well-respected tutor with emphasis on a child’s development both educationally and psychologically. ” 


- Mother of Don Choo, PSLE aggregate of 257+2  in 2017



"Mrs Tan (Ms Teo) was my Mathematics and Science tutor throughout my primary school journey. She was a dedicated tutor who could effectively conduct interesting lessons. I had many hands-on experiences in Mrs Tan’s classes such as seeing a balloon get sucked into a bottle and making a cyclone tube in a bottle. Trying out and conducting these well-known experiments in real life allowed me to explore and understand scientific concepts beyond the usual classroom and that fuelled my passion for learning.



Over the years, Mrs Tan was not merely a tutor. She often provided my parents updates of my progress and parental tips as well as motivated the class to give our very best. These allowed me to ace my subjects. I achieved top in Science and Mathematics for certain years in my primary school. I achieved A* for all my subjects for PSLE and emerged as one of the top scorers of the 2017 PSLE cohort. I am very grateful for the wonderful experiences. I would highly recommend Mrs Tan as both my parents and I are very satisfied with how she has supported my primary school academic and character growth.”

– Rou Ler, PSLE aggregate of 281+3 in 2017                                              

“Mrs Tan (Ms Teo) is undoubtedly one of the most dedicated teachers I have ever had the pleasure to be taught by. Her classes are so engaging and interesting and she makes learning difficult concepts fun and easy to understand. Ever since I started attending Mrs Tan’s lessons, I saw vast improvements in my results, and I found myself looking forward to every single lesson. Without her help, I would have never been where I am today.”  

- Breanna Wong, PSLE aggregate score of 255+2 in 2017

"Initially, I hated Math. It was a pain. But ever since I had joined this tuition class, I started to enjoy Math. Mrs Tan is a good teacher and she knows all the latest techniques to solve a math question. Whenever we face difficulty to solve a question, she will teach us patiently. Mrs Tan also teaches us many interesting ways to remember the rules in resolving the Math questions. My grades had significantly improved from B to A and finally to an A star. I have always looked forward to every lesson as she makes it very interesting! It has helped to boost up my results and confidence."

- Daphne Choo, Primary 5 in 2018

"I am grateful to Mrs Tan who has taught me all these years . Her classes are fun and are easy to understand.  If not for her, I would not be able to get 90.5 marks for my Science SA2."

- Kendrick Wong, Primary 5 in 2018

"After joining Mrs Tan's Math class, my score increased from 80 to 90 marks. Mrs Tan's class was really run and I always looked forward to attending the tuition classes. Thank you!"

- Ezanne Ho, Primary 6 in 2018

"Mrs Tan is an extremely experience teacher who teachers us through many different methods such as introducing science theories through her interesting childhood experience,  setting up science experiences, using past year papers or science educational programmes on YouTube. Many of the questions she gave us came out in this year's PSLE and I could answer them with ease. "

- Issac, Primary 6 in 2018


"Mr Andy Lee is one of the most responsible and passionate teacher I have ever met over the course of my studies. His passion for teaching has motivated me greatly and to work harder to achieve the best results. Through Mr Lee’s teaching style, it was easier to understand the complex concepts. There was tremendous improvement in my results and this boosted my confidence to do well for future papers. Under his guidance, I achieved A1 for both GCE O-Level 2011 Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.


- Amos Yeo, St. Andrew's Secondary


Mr Andy Lee is a dynamic and responsible tutor. He was recommended to me by my elder brother who was also coached by him previously. Leveraging on his vast experience in mainstream Mathematics coaching, he was able to impart critical knowledge that helped to supplement and also complement my IGCSE Mathematics syllabus very well. His clear and concise explanation of highly challenging past year examination questions helped me to understand and grasped the Math concepts much more quickly. After which, Mr Lee always ensured a clear follow up strategy through the weekly practice of past year examination questions. Under his patient guidance, I was able to improve my grades quickly and I achieved an A for my 2018 IGCSE Mathematics examination.

- Heng Jing Shun, Overseas Family School

Mr Andy Lee is one of the best teachers I have had in terms of responsibility and ways of teaching. His teaching methods have spurred my interest in both Maths and Science subjects. I became more motivated and determined to achieve better results for the subjects. I used to perform quite poorly for Maths before Mr Lee’s coaching. I had real difficulty grasping some key concepts and putting them into actual practice. Under his guidance, I picked them up very nicely and steadily and even topped my class for Maths at the end of the year. Based on this excellent set of result, I was offered the option by my school to be promoted from Normal Academic (NA) to Express level for Sec. 2 Maths subject in Year 2019.

- Chelsey Lim, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Secondary)


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