Our Teaching Faculty (Bukit Timah)

Teo Lay Leng, Chief Learning Officer


Ms. Teo is a highly experienced teacher who started teaching Mathematics and Science in primary schools since 1992 after she graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Science. She obtained her Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the Nanyang Technological University and assumed the role of Head of Science in 1997 in a primary school.  Through that leadership and management role, she accumulated a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience in curriculum design and pedagogy.


Ms. Teo left MOE in 2008 and continued to excel in the education sector as a private tutor and author. She has taught nearly 1,000 primary school students over the past 10 years, specialising in preparing students for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). Many of her students have attained excellent results and have gone on to study at top secondary schools in Singapore. Mdm Teo is able to effectively communicate and convey key learning points to her students. Her forte lies in her abilities to train students with the appropriate strategies that will enable them to master skills and techniques to excel during examinations. She is passionate, patient and dedicated to her profession. She is skilled in the creative use of ICT and various pedagogical aids to ensure students are continuously motivated through the provision of an enriched learning environment.


Ms. Teo has also authored 3 series of Science assessment books for Ace Publications which include :
1.    Science Explorer (Primary 3 to Primary 6)
2.    A* Science Challenge (Primary 3 to Primary 6) and 
3.    Science Misconceptions (Primary 4 to Primary 6). 


She has also written a series of Mathematics books entitled ‘Problem-Solving Made Easy’ for Primary 4 to Primary 6 pupils. These books are continually being used by top schools to supplement their teaching curriculum. 


Ms Teo brings to Ignium Academy her wealth of experience in teaching and instructional design. This is exemplified by a decade of highly successful small group coaching. Her concise methods of explaining and teaching will be infused into Ignium Academy’s overall design of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.


Ms Teo will be teaching various classes in Primary Mathematics and Science.

Teo Chee Kian, Senior Tutor (Secondary Mathematics)


Mr Teo has taught Secondary Mathematics since 1996 and has taken many students to great academic success over the years.


He has a Masters degree in Instructional Design and Technology (NIE/NTU), an Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering (NTU) and a postgraduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) (NIE/NTU), specialising in Mathematics and Design & Technology.


As an education officer with the Ministry of Education, he served as a Head of Department (Aesthetics), and a  Mathematics teacher in a SAP school (2007-2017).  Mr Teo also worked an Instructional Designer with the Singapore Armed Forces in Leadership Development (2004-2007).   Mr Teo as a wealth of experience in developing effective teaching strategies to help learners achieve deep understanding.


As a Mathematics and Additional Mathematics tutor for the past 15 years, Mr Teo has helped many students including those from RGS, NYGS, HCI and VS, attain excellent results in the GCE O-level, IGCSE and Integrated Programme examinations. Armed with a creative mind, an engineering mind, as well as a wealth of teaching experience and expertise in instructional design, Mr Teo is able to help students understand Mathematical concepts through a fun and easy way.  His tried and tested approaches guide them to appreciate Mathematics and develop a deep passion for learning.

Here are some examples of Mr Teo’s teaching and instructional design achievements:

  1. Co-authored the “Problem-Solving Made Easy” series of Primary Mathematics Assessment books with Ms Teo Lay Leng.  The books showcased his unique thinking flow chart to guide children;

  2. Presented his research paper on “Knowledge Building with Algebra” to an international research forum in collaboration with the Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS). 

  3. Created the “Empowering Mind” strategy.  This is a learning approach Mr Teo specially developed to enhance the learning of Mathematics for Secondary School learners.   


Maxine Lee BA Economics and Statistics (NUS)


Ms. Lee found her passion for teaching and sharing knowledge with students. She taught at MINDS before becoming a full-time tutor in 1996, familiar with both the primary and secondary syllabus. In her 23 years of tutoring, she has taught over a thousand students since, guiding them to success at major examinations.

Dr. Kok Chiang Liang

Ph.D. (NTU), Economic Development Board (EDB) Ph.D. Scholar

  • Senior Tutor at Ignium Academy

  • Adjunct Professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)

  • Invited to tutor the prestigious NTU-TUM Master’s Program for 4 consecutive years

  • Tutor for NTU Analog Electronics Module for 4 consecutive years


Dr Kok is a well-liked and popular lecturer in SUSS, consistently receiving excellent compliments from students for his engaging and lively lessons. He brings to Ignium a wealth of education and research experience.  Dr. Kok will be the Head of the Secondary and JC program at Ignium, specializing in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.  He had also served as Senior Researcher in Singapore's Defense Science Organization




“A very talented lecturer that many students respect and like. Very knowledgeable and dedicated.”

“Wishing all lecturers will be like Dr. Kok, making a dull and complex module enjoyable to learn…”

“A very good lecturer and good in explaining the subject…”

“The best lecturer ever. I wish he teaches all my courses in SUSS!”

Engineering Students @ SUSS

Joanne Lee


Joanne has over 10 years of teaching experience in MOE schools and many years of work experience in the chemical industry. As an MOE teacher, she led her school to excel in the Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad. Joanne had also served as the chief presiding examiner in secondary schools for national examinations. Her passion in teaching and clear explanations have seen many of her students perform well.

Tan Wan Chin

B. Accountancy, 2nd Class Honours

Wan Chin is a trained accountant who has spent 21 years in a Global Big Four accounting firm, holding important corporate positions. She became a full-time educator because she found that she loves teaching so much. Wan Chin is known for her big heart and for being a caring teacher. Wan Chin makes lessons come alive with real-life applications, systematic teaching and clear explanations.

Lee Meng Hui

B. Engineering(CIVIL), 2nd Class Honours (NTU)

Meng Hui is a trained engineer who switched to being an educator because he found that he loved teaching. Meng Hui founded and operated Yen’s Academy and has inspired many students to do well academically and in life. Meng Hui has been featured as a tutor on national television and radio as well as in online parenting and learning sites.

Trish Kaur

B.A. English, Goldsmiths, University of London

Trish loves English so much that even her name rhymes with it! She is out on a mission to help students fall in love with, excel and become effective communicators of the English language. Trish has taught in MOE schools, international schools and learning centres for over 12 years, both at the primary and secondary levels. She believes learning should be fun and painless. Trish aims to nurture, educate and inspire through creativity and higher-order thinking.


B. Engineering (Industrial & Systems Engineering) (NUS)

Kazim has more than 6 years of teaching Secondary Mathematics including 2 years of the IB program – ranging from group classes to 1-to-1 classes. Kazim’s youthfulness and entrepreneurial spirit enables him to connect with and relate to students. He is currently co-founder of his start-up whilst pursuing his Master of Science Degree. An avid footballer, Kazim has years of school football leadership experience and has even partaken in international tournaments.


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