1. Ignium's Newsletter - Issue 2b (December 2019)

Download our updated newsletter here. Enjoy the rest of the school holidays!

2. Ignium's Newsletter - Issue 2 (October 2019) -  read about our latest events, upcoming workshops this school holiday and new programmes.












3.  Ignium's Newsletter - Issue 1 (March 2019) - read about our holiday workshops, special feature on tutors and new programmes.

4. Teaching for Academic Success and Beyond - A Profile of Teo Lay Leng (i-360 Newsletter, Nov 2018)

5. Fewer exams for students, less emphasis on grades (Straits Times, 29 Sep 2018)

Mid-year exams will be scrapped for some levels and changes will be made to report book to rein in competition. 

6. KooBits ProblemSums – Effective Mathematics help for the kids, (MyChirpyLife, 22 May 2018)

7. Maths-loving girl, 12, completed challenge 7 hours before dying of leukaemia, (TNP, 17 Oct 2015)

8. Math Becomes Easy as 123 with Koobits, (Wazzup Pilipinas, July 2014)

9. 满江红成绩册激励学生努力 (联合晚报, 1993年11月22日)- A full page feature of 张丽玲老师 (Teo Lay Leng) on how she motivates students to hard work and achieve good results through sharing of her own life experiences whist teaching at East View Primary School as a young teacher then. 



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