Learning After Covid-19 – What May Change?

 May 4, 2020

“The pandemic has opened up a whole new world for learning. Many parents used to think that only face to face is effective. Now that everyone from schools to tuition centres had to go on home based learning, people have been forced to adopt. Many who were initially skeptical of online learning have accepted and found it to be as effective and even more convenient.

Covid-19 is a wake-up call for educators to be prepared. I have been dabbling in different EdTech solutions for many years already. I was fortunate to have a young and creative team with me when the shutdown happened and they came up with all sorts of solutions to overcome what we thought would be difficult. The pandemic also saw many EdTech content companies offering free solutions which I had the chance to try and found them to be really useful for our online lessons. Students though, need to be disciplined for online learning to be effective.

Moving forward, there will be more who will accept remote live teaching as an option.”

  • Teo Lay Leng, co-founder of Ignium Academy and tutor / educator for 28 years.







“The pandemic has sparked the rush to online learning. We adapted very quickly and immediately switched to Zoom live lessons. We also had been using EdTech solutions for a while, such as KooBits for Math, News Apps for English and Kahoot for Science and general learning. Hence, our tutors and students were able to switch over quite fast after some teething issues.

When we did trial online classes, we found some parents even wanted only the online session in future as logistics will be much easier for them. We believe many will explore this option going forward.”

  • Lee Meng Hui, an engineer turned founder of Yen’s Academy, a learning centre for Math, Science and English and a father to two boys.






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