1. Where are we located?

We are currently located in the west at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, #B2-18, in the east at Eastgate Katong, #08-02 and in the central region at Blk 150A Bishan Street 11, #01-173.

2. What is the track record of Ignium Academy?

Ignium Academy was formed when highly successful Primary Math and Science Tutor cum author, Ms Teo Lay Leng teamed up with Education company The Learning Grid Pte Ltd to create an exciting learning programme infused with effective use of technology, designed to inspire learning in children. Lay Leng will be using her time-tested teaching methods and curriculum, added with the vast education management and education technology experience of the founders of The Learning Grid (formerly founders of ASKnLearn). Lay Leng has produced many top achievers in the PSLE, with many of her students advancing into top secondary schools. Lay Leng is also a successful author who has published Science and Mathematics learning and assessment books that are used by top schools in Singapore.

3. What is the difference between Ignium Academy and Yen's Academy?

Yen's is an established learning centre that is rated one of the top centres in Bishan. In October 2018, Yen's became a member of the Ignium Academy group and will also carry Ignium's curriculum and learning methods. It continues to run independently as a licensee of Ignium's programmes and will also have other programmes such as Primary school English and Secondary School Mathematics and Science. Parents can be assured that Ignium's progrmmes will run with the same rigor in Yen's as it will be in Ignium's centres elsewhere.

4. How are Ignium's programmes different from that of other tuition centres?

We believe in igniting the passion for learning in children. Hence, we will employ innovative ways to engage students through helping them understand the concepts, see the practical applications of what they are learning, and will use suitable technological tools and content to reinforce their learning. For example, Ignium has teamed up with the top Singapore Math portal, KooBits to deliver engaging and interactive learning content to students, with customised content being determined by tutors for students according to their needs. Technological devices will be provided to students at the centres for them to do self-learning beyond what is taught during the classes. We will also work with parents to help parents understand more about syllabus and assessment requirements so that they can play an active role to help their children. Our team is well acquainted with the latest syllabus. Our long track record in consistently delivering top results speaks for itself.

5. What are your class sizes?

Class size will vary from 3 to 14. Our average class size will be: Lower primary: 6 Upper primary: 10

6. Do you offer trial lessons?

We do offer paid trial lessons for one lesson. You can enquire more at the centre.

7. What is your replacement class policy?

Subject to availability of vacancies and prior notice given to the Centre, students are allowed to switch class(es). However, students are advised to stick to the same class because they will become familiar with their tutor and friends and any change in classes will require the student, especially for the younger ones, to make new adjustments.

8. Who are your tutors?

Our tutors have the necessary academic knowledge and training in the subjects that they will be teaching. They will also receive internal training from our Chief Curriculum Officer, Ms Teo Lay Leng and other senior members of our team. We also believe that tutors should inspire the passion for learning in children even as they help children cope with the demands of our education system.

9. What are the fees for your programmes?

Our 2019 fees at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre are:

Pri 1 - $190

Pri 2 - $200

Pri 3 - $210

Pri 4 - $220

Pri 5 - $230

Pri 6 - $240

Sec 1 - $250

Sec 2 - $260

Sec 3 - $270

Sec 4 - $300

JC 1 - $320

JC 2 - $360

Fees are also inclusive of one-time payments:

1. Registration fee: $50 (Only for new sign ups)

2. Material fee: $60 (Only once per year)

3. Deposit: 1 Month Tuition Fee

Mathematics and Science (for fees at Bishan, please contact Yen's Academy)

10. What does Registration Fee cover?

The Registration Fee is $50 per year. It covers administration, all teaching and learning materials including worksheets, exam paper, notes and the KooBits learning subscription for Mathematics. For Science, the Fee also covers additional notes. Students who sign up for 2 subjects (Math and Science) need only pay $50 per year.

11. How much is the deposit?

The deposit is equivalent to one full monthly course fee.

The purpose of the deposit is to ensure that students do not withdraw from the Centre at the last minute, thus depriving other students of the chance to enrol.

12. When would I get back my deposit?

The deposit will be refunded upon discontinuation of lesson(s).

13. What if a student joins in the middle of the month?

Course fee will be pro-rated if a student registers and commences lesson at any juncture of the month.

14. What are the modes of payment?

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, NETS or bank transfer. Cheques should be crossed and made payable to ‘Ignium Academy Pte Ltd.’. Please write the student’s name and contact number on the reverse side of the cheque. Please do not issue post-dated cheques.

15. When is the due date for monthly course fee?

Course fees must be paid in full by 1st of every month.

16. What happens if the course fee is not received by the end of the month?

If the course fee is not received by the 14th of the month, it will be deemed that the student wishes to discontinue with the course(s). The Centre reserves the right to withdraw the student using the deposit to offset the course fees.

17. Tell me more about the Referral Incentive.

Current students who help by referring successful students to Ignium Academy will enjoy the Referral Incentive. The Referral Incentive is a $20 cash incentive per subject referred and the new student will also receive $20 cash rebate per subject signed up for. The referral incentive is not applicable for referring siblings as sibling discounts would already be applied for those enrolling with their siblings.

18. What is the duration of each lesson?

Each lesson is conducted for 2 hours once a week.

19. What if my lesson happens to fall on a Public Holiday?

The Centre is closed on all Public Holidays. Course fees for that particular calendar month will be pro-rated accordingly.

20. Will there be any lessons during the school holidays?

The Centre runs an on-going curriculum during school holidays. Lessons will be conducted as per normal during school holidays.

21. Will make-up lessons be provided if I am unable to attend a lesson? How do I inform the Centre if I am unable to attend a lesson?

Make-up lessons, subject to arrangement by the Centre, will be provided for lessons missed. The Centre must be notified at least 2 hours before lesson commencement via email/sms/whatsapp only if the student is unable to attend a lesson. If the Centre does not receive any prior notification, it will be deemed that the student does not require any make-up lessons to be arranged.

22. Are there sibling discounts and bundled discounts?

Siblings Discounts: Students with siblings also enrolled at Ignium will enjoy $10 discount off the listed monthly lesson fees per student as long as there are 2 or more siblings still enrolled in the centre at any particular month. Bundled Discounts: Students taking more than one subjects at Ignium will get to enjoy $10 off the listed monthly fees per subject. Bundled Discounts and Sibling Discounts can be concurrently enjoyed. For example, a student with a sibling also enrolled in Ignium and taking two subjects will therefore enjoy $20 off the listed month fees per subject. These discounts do not apply with any other discounts a student may be enjoying. Please note that discount policies may differ at other centres affiliated to Ignium, such as Yen's Academy. Do check with the centres regarding their discount policies.


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